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This is a community to post your art and get good, solid feedback and criticism. You can join as an artist to post, a critic, or both. This is not a place to pimp yourself though it may happen naturally.



1) DO NOT POST IF YOU CAN'T TAKE CRITICISM I know, duh. Feel free to discuss the crit, but don't throw fits, even if you don't agree. Just thank them for their time and move on. Respect the critics, but also realize it is all about opinion, in the end.

2) Only post 1 picture at a time, unless they're connected in some way (A series, variations, etc)

3) Please post under an LJ-cut. Also, please size your picture small enough to be reasonably seen on a computer screen. We can’t crit your picture as a whole, if we can only see 1/10th of it at a time. If you'd like to create thumbnails to place outside the cut, you are welcome to, but not required.

4) Please post a warning if there is anything under the cut such as nudity, violence, etc. As of now, I'm not placing any limits on what can be posted, but use common sense.


1) DON’T BE A JACK ASS If you REALLY can’t say anything nice, hit the back button and move along.

2) Crit can be positive and negative, but everything here should be constructive. Which is pretty much reiterating rule one, but it can’t be said enough.

3) You do NOT have to be an artist. Ebert's law, you don't have to make art to know if it looks good. However, for anyone critiquing, here’s some vocab and things to look at to form your critique.

4) NO “I like that” post. Don’t post unless you have some feed back (Whether it’s positive or negative critique. Give it some substance.)

5) Don’t bash on art types. I’m not a fan of abstract, but I’m not going to go and post on every abstract piece posted that they shouldn’t do abstract, and it's not art, blah blah blah. This isn't the place for you to soap box.


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