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I'm considering redoing this picture, and I can see some faults with it (His head is not the right size in his hair, I know) but I can't figure out what exactly is making it so...meh. I think I'm going to explore a more interesting composition, but any other help would be awesome.

Medium is charcoal, mainly through erasure, and colored pencils.


just sharing my midterm project for my 2D desgin class i just had this semester. crits welcomed! the goal of the project was to take an object on a white background and slowly morph it into something else in 5 panels, reversing the figure/ground. thus, the final background is black. i chose a robot into the pulmonary system.

media is black paper on illustration board.

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random-STEVE-jake and roland

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I just suggested this community for the live journal spotlight thing!

Hopefully we'll get picked and get some more activity going up in here. I'd also like to advertise some, is anyone joined someone who can make us a tiny little button advertisements (Maybe 50x200 or something?) for people's user info, etc? I'd love to get all sorts of styles going on up here.

Also, please post, and please reply. Any suggestions?